Instant Pot Chicken Fajitas


The summer is here and it is way to hot to go outside and cook on my barbeque so I decided to try out my Instant Pot.  so this is how I made chicken fajitas.  Since I had everything I needed.  So here it how I made.

Ingredients –
(1.5lbs) of chicken
(2) of each green, red, orange and yellow bell peppers
(1) large onion
(1tsp) salt and pepper
(4tsp) of chilli powder
(1tsp) of fresh or powder garlic
(1) cup of water
Any other veggie you might like. My friend does mushrooms, tomatoes and jalapenos.


How I made-
I sliced up my chicken
Then placed that cutting board in the sink. Got a new one out then
Sliced up my bell peppers
Added the chicken on bottom and then put the seasoning on the chicken and mixed in well.
Then placed the bell peppers on the top added to the water and mixed up one more time. Next, I placed my pressure cooker on manual mode for 12 minutes. Once it beeped I let the pressure release naturally for 10 minutes and then let out the remaining pressure.   Once done I simply after to tortillas and was done.

Also, you can do this in your Crock-Pot it will just take 6-8 hours to cook instead of 30 minutes.



  1. You don’t need to swap out cutting board if everything you are cutting is getting cooked! The only reason to swap is if you’re cutting things that *won’t* be cooked after cutting meat on the board.

  2. Why not just reverse the order. Cut up the veggies and drop them into a bowl. Cut up the chicken, put it in pot them pour veggies on top. You could then give the bowl a quick rinse since it only held veggies and actually use it to serve the food at the table if you wished. Looks good and I might have to try it although I do prefer beef fajhita’s.

  3. Hello,
    Made this according to your recipe, Mushy. Lots of liquid. Veggies were just skins. Measured liquid after took everything out, morethan double the liquid. Tasty but will not make in the instant pot again. Faster in the frying pan.

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