Veggie Scrapes for Vegetable Broth


I love cooking for Thanksgiving so after  I was done I had a huge bag of items to the trash.  My husband had his hand over the trash can with them when I said STOP! I could use those to make veggie stock for some soups.   He looked at me and said okay you need to do soon.  So the next day I got up cleaned up my Instant  Pot and came up with this recipe. 

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What you need.

4-5 cups of veggie scraps.
2 bay leaves
salt and pepper
4 cups of water
cheese strainer or mesh strainer


Here are some of my favorite veggies to pick from.
potatoes skins


green beans
pea pods
bell pepper
corn cobs
winter green skins
You will want to stay with produce products that are good.  Not ones you planned on tossing in the garbage can because they are getting old.


How to make

Add in 4 cups of water into your Instant  Pot
Next, add in your bay leaves and some salt and pepper
Lastly, add in your veggie scraps. 
push them all down so they get some water on them. 
Plus it will help them go down once you are cooking them under pressure.


Press your pressure cooker/manual button
and set for 75 minutes.  
once done  you will turn off your pressure cooker
and let naturally release.
About 2-3 hours later  I get my mesh strainer out 
and a big bowl and strain all my veggies and then 
let the broth cool down.
Once completely cooled down you will place in glass jars
or baggies.  You can place in your fridge for 4 days or freeze
and it will be good for place
them 6 months.



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