Turnip Green in Pressure Cooker


My family eats turnip greens for the new year.  Normally it takes all day to make them, so this year I tried a new way.  I did Turnip Green in my Instant Pot.  I gave some to my neighbor and she says they are “pot licking good”  She was so surprised at how quick I was able to make.  Also, if you like veggies in the pressure cooker you should try out this recipe brussel sprouts. 

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What you need

16oz of turnip greens
2 cups of water or chicken broth
Bacon bits or ham pieces
Salt and pepper 



How to make


First wash your greens very well.  
Shake dry and then place them in your Instant Pot.
Next, add your chicken broth or water.

Then place your ham or bacon on top.  
Plus some salt and pepper
Close your lid to your Instant Pot.
Turn on for manual mode for 12 minutes.
Once the timer goes off you can let it naturally
release for 10 minutes.  
then open the valve and let the remaining pressure out.



Once you open the lid you will see the greens have decreased in size
to about 1/8 of what you had originally.  
Since we had to cook for more people I quick placed in a bowl then
made another bag while my pot was still not.  




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