Turkey Breast in Pressure Cooker


Turkey Breast in Instant Pot.

Those 5 words are my favorite words for the week.  I was able to make my family the most amazing meal and it didn’t heat up the whole house. Yes, I live in Texas so I hate adding more heat to the house.  So for the turkey breast, it was so simple that you will make year round.   So I got a turkey breast with bones in it but it had two breasts and was able to feed 6-7 people comfortable.  If you cook with more than 3 sides you could feed 8 people easily.



What you need

1 Turkey Breast (get the double breasted one)
1 can of 16 oz chicken broth
3 tsp of garlic
3 tsp of poultry seasoning
2 tsp of salt
2 tsp of pepper 
3 tsp of cornstarch
1/2  of water



How to make

First, you will season up your turkey with the garlic, poultry season, salt and pepper.  
Next, place your trivet into your pressure cooker and place on the bottom with your chicken broth.
Now place your turkey big side up in the pressure cooker.
Close your lid and let cook for 30 minutes.  
Once the timer goes off you will turn your pressure cooker and let the pressure naturally release for 10-15 minutes.
While that is releasing tun your oven on to 450 degrees. (this will make skin crispy)
After the 10-15 minutes, you can simply let out any remaining pressure.  



Once all the pressure is gone, carefully move the turkey to a baking sheet and cook for 10 minutes but watch to make sure skin doesn’t get too crispy for your liking.   
While the turkey is getting crispy in the oven you will take your cornstarch and your water and mix up together in a cup.  Once mixed up well and looks like milk you will place in your pressure cooker.  Remove the trivet first. 


Now mix that up well till you get a nice gravy color and a taste you like.  
By now your turkey will be done and you should be able to take out of the oven and enjoy.
I got a chef knife and cut of each breast from the bones and then sliced up for my family to enjoy.  
It was amazing in less than an hour I had an amazing meal to enjoy that normally takes me at least half the day.



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