Red Mashed Potatoes in Pressure Cooker

My favorite part of my pressure cooker is the quickness I can cook in.  So when I was able to make Red Mashed Potatoes in Pressure Cooker 30 minutes without having to watch I was so excited.  The longest part of making Red Mashed Potatoes is the time it takes the pressure to build up.  Also, you can make 3 lbs of potatoes at once.  Which is perfect for Thanksgiving since your stove is already full with other stuff. So I hope that you enjoy making this perfect red potato dish. 

Red Mashed Potatoes, click here to repin for later.

What you need.

3 lbs of potatoes (red or whtie)
2 tsp fresh garlic 
butter  (what you like)
1/3 cup of milk

How to make 

You will clean your potatoes first and always make sure you clean your veggies. Once clean you will cut the potatoes in half and then place the potatoes in the pressure cooker.  Once all the potatoes are in your pressure cooker you will cover the water.  Close your pressure cooker lid and then turn on manual mode for 16 minutes.  Once the timer beeps let the steam naturally release for 10 minutes and then open.  Your potatoes might still be boiling so grab a glove and pour carefully into the strainer.  Now place in a bowl or your pressure cooker bowl and then add in your milk, butter, and garlic.  Then mash them to your happy mashed spot.

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