Practice Day Lasagna

I am not going to lie, Practice Day Lasagna is not the prettiest.  It is basically all thrown together and made quickly.  The thing is it tastes amazing and really you just throw together the food, close the lid and it cooks. So I will tell you in a few steps how to cook Practice Day Lasagna.

Practice Day Lasagna, click here to repin

What you need to feed 4 people

1 lb of ground beef (I cook the night before)
1 cup of ricotta 
2 tbsp of Italian seasoning
1 jar a pasta sauce
1/2 bag of the lasagna corte
1 cup of mozzarella cheese 

How to make


Turn your pressure cooker on to simmer and add in your cooked ground beef and Italian seasoning. 
If you don’t have your beef cooked you can cook at this time.
I normally leave on for 3-5 minutes just to get the beef warm.


Next, add in your ricotta, I used my tbsp to make into balls and add in.   (you don’t have to)
Then add in your noodles and pasta sauce.
  Mix it all up well and then close your lid and cook for 9 minutes.   
Once the timer goes off you will let the pressure naturally release for 10 minutes. 
If you do a quick release you will have a mess since you are not using water. 
After the 10 minutes is up you will release any remaining pressure and open the lid. 
Add in your mozzarella and enjoy your dinner.

Yes, it really is that simple.  If you don’t have a pressure cooker you can do the same thing.  All you do is cook in your crock-pot for 6 hours on low. You add the mozzarella the last 30 minutes so it melts on top.  



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