Potato Soup In the Instant Pot


So I love warm food like soup on a cold day.  So today I decided to make Potato Soup In the Instant Pot.  It was quite easy and tasted so good that I am glad I made enough for me to have leftovers tomorrow.  If you make this you can serve it with a grilled cheese sandwich.  This recipe will serve 5-7 people depending on the amount you serve.


5lbs of Yukon Potatoes/Gold Potatoes
1/2 cup of cheese
1 cup of chopped bacon
1 bunch of green onions
2 cups of chicken brooth 
2 cups of water

How to makes

First you will peel your potatoes and dice them. (I personally don’t peel them) 
we like to have the extra nutrients.
You will throw the potatoes in the Instant Pot with the chicken broth and water.
Now turn your Instant Pot on high pressure for 20 minutes.
Once they are done you will add in 3/4 the cup of bacon
Next you will use your potato masher or an immersion blender and mash up.
Next you will place in a bowl and serve with cheese, green onion and a little bacon on the top.


If you don’t have an Instant Pot then you can do this in a pot and double your potato cook time so that you have soft potatoes.  


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