Korean Beef Burritos in Instant Pot

Tuesday are crazy for us so I have to find a meal to eat on the go.  So my favorite thing to make is burritos.  So my family got tired of the same old burritos so I tried this and they loved.  So now I am sharing this on the go meal with y’all.  


Korean Beef Burritos, click here to repin this recipe.


What you need

1 lb of ground beef ( I used chili chuck meat) 
1 cup of uncooked rice
1 head of lettuce or spinach
Flour tortillas, large
Green onion
Optional: Sriracha mayo

How to Make

First, you will cook the Korean beef per the directions in this link.
Next you will get out a pan and turn on meduim.
Now you will put together your burrito.  
I normally do rice, beef, lettuce and then green onions.
Last I will drizzle on the Sriracha mayo. 
To fold you tuck in the short ends and then 
the bigger ends, one at a time. 
Last place on the stove and warm up the burrito on the
stove till your tortilla is warm.  

I personally wrap up in foil, cut in half and eat on the go.  So I can make it and take it with me.  Plus it helps my family from eatting out.  If you try let me know what you think.

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