Keto Friendly Unstuffed Bell Pepper Soup



Check out this Keto Friendly Unstuffed Bell Pepper Soup, it is tasty, low carb and easy to make.  I personally have tried Keto and love it but my husband and I decided to do the “lazy” way.  We eat anywhere from 15-45 carbs per day.  So when I made this soup I figured  I would try a new way.  A way that would be warming for my cold but also low carb.  So below are my directions on how to make, also I ate another blow a few hours after  I made and the spice was even better.  This will feed 3-4 people. 

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What you need

5 bell peppers, medium sized.  (diced up into small pieces)
1/3 cup of diced red onion
1 tsp of garlic (more if you love like me)
1 package of fresh Italian  sausage
(I got hot to help my allergies)
24oz of chicken broth
24oz of water
1 can of diced tomato
1 bag of Green Giant Riced Cauliflower
(in the frozen section)
splash of olive oil


How to make

First, dice up your up your bell pepper and onion, place in a bowl.
Next, you will place your splash of oil with your onion and garlic in your bowl.
Cook them till the onion starts to come translucent.


After that in add in your sausage, if in casing open
the casing then remove the meat from the casing. 
Let the meat cook till it is 3/4 of the way done.  Make sure you are making 
into small piece while you are mixing it up.
I use this handy dandy tool called chopstir, click here to see.


Once the meat is cooked, add in your chicken broth and water.
Use a plastic spatula and make sure you scrape the bottom of
your pressure cooker to remove any cooked on food.
Next, add in your bell pepper and tomatoes.  
Close your lid and turn your pressure cooker onto
pressure cook or manual mode for 4 minutes.


Once the timer goes off you will let out naturally for 
10-15 minutes and then open the valve and let out any
remaining pressure before opening the lid.
While my pressure release, I place my cauliflower rice
into the microwave for 5 minutes.  So once my lid
was open I was able to put a little rice in each bowl and serve.


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