Instant Pot orange Marmalade


My favorite thing is making homemade food.  I love knowing what is in it mainly so when I Orange MarmaladeI was more than excited.  My family loves this so I made enough to surprise them and they all have now had to try and they agree it is amazing so they thought I should share my recipe with you.  I hope you like and maybe if you can sell or give away as a new neighbor gift.  Once you make you will think why didn’t I ever make before.  This will make (6) 12oz jars.

Instant Pot Orange Marmalade

What you need

2 1/2 pounds of fresh oranges
1 Meyer lemon (large)
1 cup of water
7  cups sugar to taste 
Candy Thermometer

How to make

You need to wash your oranges and lemon  I use my potato brush and wash them.  Now you slice the oranges and lemons thin with a mandolin.  I get thin as I can as you can see in the picture.  Plus add in one up of water and all juices too.  The last thing you do is close your lid and turn your Instant Pot on to manual for 10 minutes and cook on high.  After the timer goes off you will let it natural release the pressure for 10-15 minutes.  Now open the lid in and turn saute and slow add in the sugar stirring and using a candy thermometer get the temp till 212.  Once it gets to 212 you will turn off your Instant Pot and still stir for a few minutes while the temp drops down.  

Wash oranges well, slice thin using a mandolin, quarter the slices, do the same with the lemon, add all including the juice to the instant pot, add cup water manual 10 minutes NPR.



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