Honey Baked Ham in Pressure Cooker


Holidays mean that it is ham season.  So each year we get a Honey Baked Ham.  It is always so good but it is so hard to get in my stove with my turkey, stuffing, rolls and whatever else you find inside my stove. So this year I decided to get a ham early and test how to make a perfect one for the holidays.  So here is my recipe.  


Honey Baked Ham in Pressure Cooker, click here to Pin this recipe.

What you need

6-8 lb ham
1/8 cup of brown sugar
2 cups of water
the trivet that came with your pressure cooker



How to Make

First, you will add your brown sugar and water into the bottom of your pressure cooker.
Then you will mix up your water.  
Add in your trivet to your pressure cooker.

Next, you will add in your ham.
Close the lid and turn on for 5 minutes.  
Once the timer beeps turn off your pressure cooker
Let the pressure naturally release for 10 minutes.  Then open the release
valve for any remaining pressure.  Open the lid and smell the amazing ham.


I do the brown sugar on the bottom with the water because my Aunt used to tell me.
It is brown sugar water steaming around each piece of ham.  I have always remembered that tip and normally I get a little hint on each piece I bite.  Lastly, check out my green bean recipe for your pressure cooker, you will LOVE IT!



  1. Sugar should be on ham as when water boils the steam will contain 0 Sugar just water, if you boiled all the water the sugar would be left at the bottom, that’s primary school science. Sugar should be rubbed on to ham and the also run foil placed over the top to keep steam low and around ham.

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