Homemade Pork Verde


I love quick meals I can make on week days.  So when I make this prep the night before and then it takes me only a few minutes.  You can eat this like I did just straight out a bowl or you can make it into enchiladas.  So make sure you follow the recipe below to make your own pork verde.  You can also make this recipe with chicken if you want.  It doesn’t require pork if you are don’t eat pork.  This recipe will feed 4 people comfortably. 

Homemade Pork Verde, click here repin this recipe.

What you need

3lbs of tomatillos
1 large onion
cilantro (2tsp) 
2lbs of pork chops (diced up)
jalapeno (1 large)
minced garlic (2 tap)

How to make

You need to cut your onion in quarters   also slice the jalapenos in half.  Take the skin off your tomatillas can and then cut the tomatillas in half.  Now to get started you will need to roast your tomatillos in the oven.  If you have never roasted veggies (not cilantro) you will turn your oven on broil then place your veggies in the oven till they are semi black on the top.  Once they are done you will take out of the oven and blend up till sauce like.  Next, place the sauce and diced pork into the Instant Pot and cook for 6 minutes.  When the pressure cooker beeps you will let the pressure naturally release for 10 minutes.  Then open the valve and let any remaining steam out. If you have a crock pot you will have to cook all day on low.  You will get the same results.  Remember the key is to prep the night before so you aren’t stressed out waiting on the veggies to roast.

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