Green Bean with Tomatoes Recipe for Instant Pot

I love when I add tomatoes to my green beans.  They can be fresh or day old either work great.  I love the way it can change a simple recipe to something different.   So next time you want something different try green beans with tomatoes.    You won’t regret the trying this way.


1 lb of green beans
1/4 cup of bacon bits
1/4 cup of tomatoes
1/2 tbsp of butter
dash of salt and pepper





Cut off the ends of your green beans
Then you will wash your green beans
and tomatoes very well.
next, you will add a steam basket 
into your Instant Pot
Now toss in your bacon and
close your lid to your Instant Pot


and let cook for 3 minutes, if you want softer do 5 minutes.
Once the timer goes off you can open the valve and let
out any steam till you can open the lid.
(NEVER force it open)
After cooked place in a bowl and then add your butter, it will melt quickly.



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