Egg Muffins in Pressure Cooker


I love to prep for my week on Sunday.  Most times that means preparing my breakfast and have in the fridge, having a meal plan for my week and much more.  So when I was able to finally not use my oven weekly to my eggs for my egg muffins I was excited.  So check out how I made 6 breakfast egg muffins in my pressure cooker.

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What you need

6 eggs
sausage patties
english muffins 
salt and pepper
glass dishes to cook your eggs in, click here to buy some
*cheese if you want


How to Make

First, you will spray your glass dishes, this is va ery important step.
Crack one egg in each dish, pop the yolk the egg comes out better when you eat.
Now you will place 2 cups of water in your pressure cooker, then your trivet.
Next, place 3 glasses on the trivet and then 3 more on top
of the those, stack like the picture.
Next, close your pressure cooker lid.
Turn on pressure cooker or manual mode for 4 minutes.

Once the timer goes off, you will open the pressure value and
let the pressure release quickly.  
Next, open the lid, construct your sandwich and then place either in
your fridge or freezer.   Once ready to eat place in your toaster oven
on 300-315 for 5 minutes to make your sandwich HOT and crispy. 


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