Egg Casserole in your Instant Pot

We love breakfast for dinner in my house.  We love casserole but I hate to cook in my oven once it starts to get hot outside. So I had to figure a way to cook in my Instant Pot.  So I tried a few different ways and here is the best way that I figured out.  You must get an oven safe dish to place in your Instant Pot.  I recommend Pyrex glass dishes.


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What you need.

4 cup oven safe dish
7 eggs
splash of milk
salt and pepper
any  meat you want

How to make.

Simply you will mix up all your ingredients (not cheese) in a bowl.  Once you feel they are well mixed up.  You will place your trivet on the bottom of your Instant Pot and add in 1 cup of water.  Next spray your oven safe dish with spray oil.  Last mix up your mixture again and then place in the oven safe bowl.  Place in your Instant Pot and cook for 7 minutes.  Once done you will naturally release the pressure then open the lid and take the oven safe dish out.  You might notice it seems a little undercooked but it will still continue cook in the dish.  Let it sit for 2-3 minutes then simple place on your plate and add your cheese and enjoy.  We place on bread and make them into sandwiches which are super YUMMY with a slice of avocado. 


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