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Sweet Corn on the Cob

May 30, 2017 Recipe Artist 0

    I love corn on the cob but I hate the time it takes to cook.  So I had to figure out a way to cook without having to waste an hour.  So I played around with my Instant Pot and finally found the read more…

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Bolognese Sauce In Instant Pot

April 27, 2017 Recipe Artist 1

Homemade food that is so good and restaurant style without making the house a huge mess is a plus  I love it because my family will eat and we leave leftovers for the next day.  Also sometimes I don’t’ want the next day so I clean read more…

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Instant Pot Cabbage Recipe

April 19, 2017 Recipe Artist 30

A favorite in our house is Instant Pot Cabbage Recipe.  We love it because of the taste, but also it is nice to cook cabbage without the house smelling like cabbage all day. This is easy, delicious, and a great healthy option to add to your read more…