Chicken Black Bean Bowl

June 16, 2017 Recipe Artist 0

My favorite part of my Instant Pot is that I can cook via pot in pot.  It is perfect so I can make my favorite food separate or together.  For this meal, you can cook together or via pot in pot.  I decided to do read more…

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Instant Pot Chicken Lasagna Soup

April 6, 2017 Recipe Artist 0

Soup is a stable here when it gets cold.  So my family told me they couldn’t eat the same old soup again.  So I thought why not trying something different.  Plus this is great served with a tomato, basil, and grilled cheese sandwich.  My family read more…

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Chicken Bone Stock for Instant Pot

March 30, 2017 Recipe Artist 2

Before you walk away because you read I used chicken feet.  You should go and research how good chicken feet bone stock is for your body.   I would rather cook with chicken stock then take a daily pill.  I would rather find natural ways read more…