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Instant Pot Sloppy Joes

March 24, 2017 Recipe Artist 0

    Who doesn’t love homemade sloppy joes? The ones like your Grandma would make for you and you never understood how why you loved but you did.  I know for me it is something I enjoy only at home so here is my homemade read more…

Picadillo Instant Pot Recipe

March 14, 2017 Recipe Artist 0

Hearty meals are a way to my husband’s stomach as he tells me quite often.  So when I make one he gets excited since I try and keep our calorie count down with our new diet.  The only thing is that my sister is in read more…

Instant Pot Corned Beef

February 17, 2017 Recipe Artist 4

  St. Paddy Day is an important day for us. I cook my husband his favorite food which normally takes all day. So I thought I could shorten it with my Instant Pot. So I tried and it came out amazing and now I’ll share read more…

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Ground Beef in Instant Pot

January 24, 2017 Recipe Artist 2

  So last night I got home at 645 and was feeling horrible.  So instead of just making a freezer meal.  I decided to make my favorite dish when I have allergies, Korean Beef.  The best part is that I could do all of it read more…

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Beef Pot Roast in Instant Pot

December 8, 2016 Recipe Artist 0

    So when life is hard I make comfort food like crazy.  So you might notice me leaning to more soups and hearty food this next month.   For this Beef Pot Roast recipe, I made it because it warms me from my fingers read more…

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Tender Beef Tips with Noodles

October 8, 2016 Recipe Artist 2

So one of my favorite things to do is cook new recipes so when my friend shared this with I had to try  So check out this recipe for the most tender Beef Tips you will ever have.