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Black-Eyed Peas in Instant Pot

December 19, 2018 Recipe Artist 4

    Black-Eyed Peas in Instant Pot.  Is a recipe that I make every few months but mainly on New Year’s Eve.  So last year I decided to make Black-Eyed Peas in my Instant Pot.  It went so great that now my family wants me to read more…

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Egg Muffins in Pressure Cooker

September 20, 2018 Recipe Artist 0

  I love to prep for my week on Sunday.  Most times that means preparing my breakfast and have in the fridge, having a meal plan for my week and much more.  So when I was able to finally not use my oven weekly to read more…

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Simple Recipe for Cauliflower Rice

August 29, 2018 Recipe Artist 0

    Here is my favorite recipe for Simple Recipe for Cauliflower Rice.  After perfecting it I am loving this recipe more than my mashed potatoes recipe.  It only takes 10 minutes to make with prep time, cook time and pressure release time.  For spices all read more…