Basil Chicken Tomato Pasta in Instant Pot



Who wants to try something different?  Oh, I know I do and with it the new near and all I decided to start off with a BANG.  So tonight for dinner I made something new for my family and the good news is they loved it.  So I am sharing with you this simple dinner you can make in about 12 minutes flat.  I will tell you my tip is that I make extra chicken the night before.  My recipe will serve about 6 people which should be plenty for dinner for us then lunch the next day.  Also, I used jar pesto but you can make you own with this recipe.


Basil Chicken Tomato Pasta in Instant Pot

What you need

1lb of Rotini Noodles
2lb of cooked chicken
2 Roma tomatoes
3tsp of pesto 
1/2 lb of mozzarella 

How to Make

So for this recipe, you have to be more involved but it doesn’t take to long so it isn’t bad.  
I throw my pasta in the Instant Pot with water and lid and let it cook for 5 minutes.  
While the pasta is cooking cut cube up my cold cooked chicken, tomatoes, and mozzarella.    
By the time that was all done so was my pasta.  Which worked out perfectly for this.  So next I opened the valve on till I was able to open.  Next, I drained my leftover water into the sink and added my chicken into the pasta and mixed in.  It helped the chicken warm up a little, you could throw in the oven but I liked it cold.  Next, I added in the pesto and mixed in till it was a med green color.  If you really want to taste the pesto you can add more.  Next, I added the tomatoes in and the mozzarella.  My cheese melted and yours mine too.   Next, I got bowls out and served to my family.   This would also be great to bring to a potluck, BBQ and or anything similar.  



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