Making Baby Food in Pressure Cooker



Making baby food in the Instant Pot is amazing.  It makes life so much easier.  The best part is if you have an immersion blender you can puree in the same pot too.  So this week I made my niece her favorite which is sweet potatoes.  So here is how I made.

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My tips for making Baby Food in Instant Pot

  1. Make enough for a month at a time.  *once you know baby likes*
  2. Buy an immersion blender
  3. Feel free to mix veggies together.
  4. You can cook veggies together that you want to mix up.  
  5. Never add sugar to baby food
  6. More water makes thinner 
  7. If you are starting out with making food for your baby, start small so you know if he or she likes.  Best way to do that cooks the food for your family and then puree a little for your baby. 
  8. If you want more combos of food, the best place to look is the baby food aisle. 
  9. You can freeze food in ice cube trays then place in freezer bags.
  10. If your baby is about to go to the next stage of baby food, it is better to make thick and freeze. Then dilute as needed when you feed your baby. (You can always go thinner, not thicker)
  11. Never puree your carrots in the same water you steam because of nitrates. 

I fit in 6 lbs of potatoes in my 6qt Instant Pot.  You can freeze sweet potatoes up for 5 months.

What you need 

6lbs of sweet potatoes
1 1/2 cups of water


How to make

Peel the sweet potatoes
Then clean then very well with water
Cut up the potatoes into 2″ slices or cubes
Place the sweet potatoes in the pressure cooker
Add the water in, then place lid on 
the pressure cooker and turn on manual mode for 18 minutes.
Once the timer goes off you can open your valve and let the
potatoes sit till they are cooled off. 
Next get out your immersion blender and blend up until the puree thickness you like. 
Since my niece is a 15 months old I removed a little of the water on the bottom.  If your child is younger you will want thinner.  So leave all the water in and add more if too thick after you get pureed up.

For my niece, I grab snack size bags and place in their 1-2 helpings. Close up and I was able to make 13 bags with the 6lbs of sweet potatoes.  After I had bagged up, I simply placed all the bags in a gallon size freezer bag.  So now the night before she comes over I can take out and place just one baggie out and leave in the fridge.

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