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Pressure Cooker Beef Roundup

October 31, 2017 Recipe Artist 1

    Some of the best meals are made with beef.  So since I cook so much beef I thought I would put together a list of my favorite recipes.  So here is a pressure cooker beef roundup.  Some are from my blog here and read more…

Pepper Steak Made Easy

October 19, 2017 Recipe Artist 4

Pepper Steak is a favorite for my husband when we go out to eat.  So when I figured out how to make it in my pressure cooker.  I decided we could save money and I could make it here at home.  So after making a read more…

Practice Day Lasagna

October 9, 2017 Recipe Artist 2

I am not going to lie, Practice Day Lasagna is not the prettiest.  It is basically all thrown together and made quickly.  The thing is it tastes amazing and really you just throw together the food, close the lid and it cooks. So I will read more…