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Pozole for Instant Pot

October 31, 2016 Recipe Artist 20

  If you have never had this then I am going to tell you are missing out on.  This recipe is simple and if you don’t have an Instant Pot you can slow cook and it taste great as good.  This recipe will make enough read more…

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Buttery Mashed Potatoes

October 28, 2016 Recipe Artist 2

So Thanksgiving in coming and I want to be able to make as many things as I can in my Instant Pot.  So I decided to make Buttery Mashed Potatoes  today and they came out just like my perfect recipe ones.  So I am sharing with read more…

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One Pot Pumpkin Chipotle Soup

October 14, 2016 Sheryl C 0

It’s time to pull out that Instant Pot and whip up this easy (yet hearty) Pumpkin Chipotle Soup. It’s wonderful – to eat, and to freeze weight loss supplements. 

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Tender Beef Tips with Noodles

October 8, 2016 Recipe Artist 2

So one of my favorite things to do is cook new recipes so when my friend shared this with I had to try  So check out this recipe for the most tender Beef Tips you will ever have.

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Dump Dinners for the Fall

October 5, 2016 Recipe Artist 3

So I know most of you either have a slow cooker or an Instant Pot since you are checking out this page.  So I thought I would share with your some Easy Dump Dinners for the Fall.

Proper Time for Pressure Cooking Eggs

October 4, 2016 Recipe Artist 2

Did you know there are 3 different ways to eat your boiled eggs?  So since there is there is a Proper Time for Pressure Cooking Eggs I thought I would share with you.  The best thing to do is boil a dozen at a time.