20 Thanksgiving Recipes for your Instant Pot + More

 Here are 20 Easy Thanksgiving Recipes - MANY of which can be made in your Instant Pot!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and chances are, you are doing some cooking. Right? I know I am – and it’ll be a very busy day.

If you have an Instant Pot, pull it out (it might already have a permanent place on your counter, too!) You’ll rely on this quite a bit to make the day a little smoother as you bake everything from casserole to pie, turkey and ham and more.


In efforts to make the day a little easier on you, we put together 20 Thanksgiving Recipes you’ll want to have in mind for the day.  From Broccoli Casserole to Carrots, Green Beans to Cheesecake, this will help you round out a rather GREAT meal and keep everything streamlined in the process.

20+ Thanksgiving Recipes for your Instant Pot

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