Cajun Gumbo in Instant Pot

My favorite meal in the world is Homemade Cajun Gumbo.  It is the perfect food for a cold day and also perfect just for comfort food.  Plus this is my husband’s favorite meal so I make it monthly from November until March.  This Cajun Gumbo in the Instant Pot is now a favorite recipe that […]

Pasta in the Instant Pot

Back in 2015 when I jumped on the Instant Pot Bandwagon, the whole “IP” craze was just starting to unravel ~ and I gave in…   the pot arrived a few days later and I was in heaven. So I have since then mastered making pasta.  So here are my tips.   Pasta in the […]

Instant Pot Garlic and Rosemary Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are the ultimate comfort food – I don’t think I know too many people who don’t love sitting down with a huge bowl of buttery mashed potatoes with a nice thick steak, or roast. Potatoes are actually one of my kids favorite side dishes. Using your instant pot for side dishes is one […]

Basil Chicken Tomato Pasta in Instant Pot

  Who wants to try something different?  Oh, I know I do and with it the new near and all I decided to start off with a BANG.  So tonight for dinner I made something new for my family and the good news is they loved it.  So I am sharing with you this simple […]

Easy Pulled Tandoori Chicken in the Instant Pot

I love chicken recipes that are super easy to put together – and this one is definitely one you’ll keep handy for a LONG time! When it comes to making a quick dinner, the Instant Pot plays a huge part – it can cook chicken from frozen in just 25 minutes… or, chicken from thawed […]

Roasted Red Potatoes (Instant Pot)

Baby Red Potatoes are delicious when they are perfectly cooked and roasted in the Instant Pot, combined with Rosemary and a tiny butter they are a wonderful addition to any main meal. To achieve crispy potatoes in the Instant Pot, you will need to brown them first, then cook them until they are done. You’ll […]