Baked Apples made in Instant Pot

    Fall food is my favorite. It brings warmth to my stomach when it is cold outside.  So when I figured out I could make baked apples in my pressure cooker I had to share with y’all my personal recipe.  It is SO easy and only took me about 10 minutes from start to […]

Easy Hawaiian BBQ Meatballs

Easy Hawaiian BBQ Meatballs, click here to repin this recipe. What you need 1 bag of frozen meatballs 20oz bag I used 12 oz of your favorite bbq sauce 8 oz can of crushed pineapples 1/2 cup of water   How to make Place your meatballs in the bottom then pour in our favorite bbq […]

Copy Cat Panera Bread Chicken with Wild Rice Soup

Tonight we had Chicken with Wild Rice Soup.  It was perfect and my husband thought I went out to eat at lunch and gave him my leftovers  I showed him my Instant Pot full and he was amazed.  This soup is perfect for fall since we all love warm comfort food.   I hope you […]

25 Kid-Friendly Instant Pot Meals

Are you looking for some great Kid-Friendly Instant Pot Meals that are ideal for weeknights?  Look no further!  We’ve gathered some great delicious and simple to assemble meals that are definitely kid-friendly.  Adapt as needed to remove ingredients your children don’t care for but try them as they are first, just in case!  25 Kid-Friendly […]

Carne Asada made in Pressure Cooker

  So Carne Asada is basically skirt steak with tons of flavor.  It is very good on corn or flour tortillas.  Also the longer you let it marinate the better it taste.  So make sure you marinate the night before while you are cooking another amazing recipe of mine in your pressure cooker.  I do recommend […]

Red Mashed Potatoes in Pressure Cooker

My favorite part of my pressure cooker is the quickness I can cook in.  So when I was able to make Red Mashed Potatoes in Pressure Cooker 30 minutes without having to watch I was so excited.  The longest part of making Red Mashed Potatoes is the time it takes the pressure to build up.  Also, you […]

Healthy Mississippi Roast in Pressure Coooker

  So my husband and I are trying to cut our calorie count down in the evening. Since we don’t do much after he goes off work. So we decided to try out a roast my friend has told me about a few times.  It is called Mississippi Roast and it sounds great.  Then when […]