Smoky Instant Pot Lentils and Rice

Smoky Instant Pot Lentils with Brown Rice are rich in flavor, easy to throw together and perfect as a meatless alternative in tacos and salad!


Lentils are one of our favorite items to  make in the Instant Pot. Not only do they cook up relatively quickly, they do so with so much ease.

This recipe for Smoky Instant Pot Lentils and Rice was purely unintentional.  When one family member wants brown rice for dinner, and another wants lentils,  there’s not much one can do except wonder if they can be cooked together.

Both. At the same time. Ever had that happen? It’s agonizing, having just one Instant Pot, but I’m here to tell you that you can indeed cook brown rice and lentils together at the same time & be successful.

I’m giving you hope, y’all. 

Smoky Instant Pot Lentils and Rice

This recipe came together quickly and easily – tossed in the pot, added some spices and pushed a button. It really is delicious, smoky and perfect to use as an alternative to ground beef.

You can enjoy this Smoky Instant Pot Lentils and Rice recipe on a taco salad, or as a taco filling. Perhaps even as a sloppy joe alternative (obviously without the ground beef). It’s filling, flavorful and simple. Did I say easy? I just want to make sure you have that down. 

Smoky Instant Pot Lentils with Brown Rice are rich in flavor, easy to throw together and perfect as a meatless alternative in tacos and salad!

Combine all of the ingredients in your Instant Pot and cook for 27 minutes. We used green lentils, but this recipe would be great with brown lentils as well (which actually cook a wee bit faster!) We haven’t tried this recipe with long grain brown rice – just short grain, Lundberg organic brown rice.

Don’t skip the liquid smoke or paprika. It gives it that smoky, meaty flavor.

Smoky Instant Pot Lentils and Rice

Prep Time: 3 minutes

Cook Time: 47 minutes

Total Time: 50 minutes

Yield: 6-8


  • 2 C. short grain, organic brown rice
  • 1 C. green lentils (or, brown lentils would work well too)
  • 5 C. vegetable broth
  • 2 Tbsp smoked paprika
  • 1 tsp liquid smoke
  • 1/2 tsp ground black pepper
  • 1-2 tsp salt, or to taste


  1. Combine all of the ingredients in the Instant Pot, with the exception of the salt.
  2. Place the lid on the Instant Pot, close the valve.
  3. Cook the lentil and rice mixture for 27 minutes at high pressure.. It will take 10 minutes to come to pressure, 27 to cook. Once done, allow 10 minutes for the IP to naturally release.
  4. Release any remaining pressure.
  5. Carefully open the lid and addd your salt, more or less to taste.
  6. Serve as is, or on your taco salad (in lieu of meat), in sloppy joes, or even as a taco filling.
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Roasted Tomatillo Salsa in Ace Blender



One of my famous recipes that my family loves is my Roasted Tomatillo Salsa.  So I decided to try out my recipe in the Ace blender.  It came out PERFECT, it was amazing and now I that I can blend more at once I will be sharing with my family more.  So here is a recipe you will love with chips or even on top of your chicken enchiladas.



What you need to make two 16oz jars.

2lbs of  tomatillos,
you need to husks removed, rinsed, and halved
8 garlic cloves pieces
2 fresh serrano chilies, sliced in half
1 large onion sliced in half
1 cup cilantro, removed stems
baking sheet with a rim
and you will salt to taste to your liking


How to make

Grab your rimmed baking sheet and turn your oven on high broil.  
Add on all of the tomatillos, garlic, serrano chile, and onion.
You do need to make sure the baking sheet is on the top rack.



The tomatillos will take about 10 to 12 minutes;
the other vegetables will take less time.
So you will turn the vegetables when one side is charred and blackened in spots.
I like mine a little more roasted personally so I let a few get decent sized black spots.




You will know the tomatillos are done
when they are soft and starting to let out juice naturally.
When the vegetables are cool enough to handle.
cut the stem off of your chile now.
Now you will add everything.
—–keep reading below picture—–



Yes, you will include any liquid from the vegetables and
the cilantro to a food processor.
Blend until a coarse purée form.
now you can add in more salt for your personal taste.





Dole Whip Made in the Ace Blender

So one of my favorite thing about my Ace Instant Pot blender is that I can make smoothies for the whole family.  The glass jar is plenty big.  So lately I have been craving something with pineapples.  When my friend told me she had a recipe for Dole Whips  I was on it.  It is simple for sure and your family is going to LOVE you.  Oh and this is a dairy-free dessert


All you need to make 6 cups is 

4 cups of pineapple juice, 
frozen into an ice cube tray. 
4 Dole Bananas, peeled and frozen
4 teaspoon of powdered sugar
2 and 1/2 cups of unsweetened
coconut milk beverage



How to Make

Simply combine your pineapple juice,
banana, and powdered sugar
in your ace blender.
Cover; blend until smooth to your liking
Gradually adding coconut milk to the 
top from the lid.
If you need you can scrap down sides if necessary.
Serve immediately for best results.

Green Bean with Tomatoes Recipe for Instant Pot

I love when I add tomatoes to my green beans.  They can be fresh or day old either work great.  I love the way it can change a simple recipe to something different.   So next time you want something different try green beans with tomatoes.    You won’t regret the trying this way.


1 lb of green beans
1/4 cup of bacon bits
1/4 cup of tomatoes
1/2 tbsp of butter
dash of salt and pepper





Cut off the ends of your green beans
Then you will wash your green beans
and tomatoes very well.
next, you will add a steam basket 
into your Instant Pot
Now toss in your bacon and
close your lid to your Instant Pot


and let cook for 3 minutes, if you want softer do 5 minutes.
Once the timer goes off you can open the valve and let
out any steam till you can open the lid.
(NEVER force it open)
After cooked place in a bowl and then add your butter, it will melt quickly.


Leek and Cauliflower Soup in Ace Instant Pot Blender


Leek and Cauliflower Soup in Ace Instant Pot Blender.  Is my new favorite soup.  It has a flavor that is out of this world PLUS it is so easy to make.  You can make it in your Ace Instant Pot blender or you regular Instant Pot.  If you do in your pressure cooker you will need an immersion blender.    Here is one that I have and that I personally recommend. 


Click here to repin this recipe for you can have later.

What you need

1 head of cauliflower (diced up)
1 stalk of leek (sliced up)
1 cup of chicken broth
2 tsp of minced garlic 



How to make

Place all your ingredients in your ace blender. 
Click soup to where it is on 2 and then let it cook. 
It took about 30 minutes in total to cook. 
Once done let cool down and enjoy.
I garnished mine with a nice dollop of sour cream.



Caldo de Pollo in the Instant Pot

Caldo de Pollo in the Instant Pot



One of my favorite recipes is Caldo de Pollo.  It is great on a cold night or even rainy night.  So this time I decided instead of making a huge pot I would make in my pressure cooker.  So now I have a recipes Caldo de Pollo in the Instant Pot.  It is just as good and doesn’t take long.  I think between coming to pressure, then cooking and waiting 10 minutes for the natural pressure to release it was about 30-35 minutes.  So I hope you try my Caldo de Pollo in the Instant Pot and enjoy as much as me.  If you want to be extra ambitious make this flan recipe in the morning and then the Caldo in the evening. 


Caldo de Pollo in the Instant Pot, click here to save on Pinterest.  

What you need for 6 people

1.5lbs of chicken breast, diced into 2inch pieces
1 small onion, diced 
1 cup of sliced celery stalks
1.5 cups of chopped peeled and sliced carrots
1 tsp of minced garlic



1 jalapeno sliced in half
3 russet potatoes, diced 
3 cups of cabbage, chopped or one medium chopped
1 can of stewed tomatoes, 14.5 oz



32oz of chicken broth
2 calabaza squash, sliced 
3 ears of corn, cut into 2 or 3 pieces
1 tsp of cumin 
salt and pepper 



How to make

This is the easy part.  You will get everything listed above but the corn.  Place it in your Instant Pot.  Mix it up well once all in.  Close the lid turn your pressure cooker on to manual/pressure cook for 4 minutes.  Once the timer goes off make sure you have your keep warm mode off.  Let the pressure release itself for at least 10 minutes.  Once those 10 minutes are up you can open your pressure valve and release any remaining pressure.   


Make sure that your pin is down before you try and open.  Once you open you should see your food still boiling like mine does in the video below.  At this time you stir, then add in your pieces of corn.  Make sure you cover them up with your broth.  Leave your lid off and let the corn sit in the caldo for at least 5 minutes.  Once that time is grab your bowls out and serve up your soup.  You can serve with Spanish rice or even warm tortillas.  



Sorry for the shaking in the video, I am just learning it and will get better with time. 


Black-Eyed Peas in Instant Pot



Black-Eyed Peas in Instant Pot.  Is a recipe that I make every few months but mainly on New Year’s Eve.  So last year I decided to make Black-Eyed Peas in my Instant Pot.  It went so great that now my family wants me to make every year.  So I decided to share my recipe with everyone.


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What you need

1 pound of dried black-eyed peas
3 cups of chicken broth
3.5 cups of water


How to make

Add your black-eyed peas
your water and your broth
into your Instant Pot.
Put your lid on and then click
the manual or pressure cooker button.
Put on for 30 minutes and when done


I let the pressure naturally release for 15 minutes.
After that time I will open the value let out any
remaining steam and once the pin drops I open 
my pressure cooker add in a little salt and then serve.
(you can add in any other seasoning that you would like at this time too.)

Ace Blender Homemade Spaghetti Sauce


Ace Blender Homemade Spaghetti Sauce, is so easy to make it will blow your mind.  My husband says it is one of the best you will find but try yourself and tell me what you think.  My recipes does call for brown sugar but it isn’t required.  Also, add more of your favorite spice in if you want.  This is my base recipe, sometimes  I add mushrooms or extra garlic.  You can add in carrots, spinach (my favorite), zucchini and/or bell pepper.  

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What you need to make Ace Blender Homemade Spaghetti Sauce

 2 can of tomatoes 15-16oz, diced or crushed
1/4 tsp basil, dried
1 bay leave
1 medium onion, sliced in quarters 
2 cloves of garlic or 3 tsp
1 tsp of oregano, dried

1 tsp thyme, dried
1 can of tomato sauce
1 can of tomato paste
1 tsp of brown sugar
1 1/12 cup of water
salt and pepper


How to make Ace Blender Homemade Spaghetti Sauce

This is so easy you will be like thinking, you will be doing this way all of the time.  
Add all of your items into the pitcher.
Make sure your lid is on secure.
Click on the soup button till 2 comes up. 
This will make your sauce creamy.



If you want chunky, click soup button then leave on 1.
Once it is done you will choose
pulse and do for 3-4 seconds.
Next, if you have any meat
to add in you can put your
sauce in a bowl with the meat and it will get hot together. 
Lastly, serve and enjoy.  



Ace Blender Recipe for Butternut Squash Soup



So my birthday was in November and my mom got me an Ace Blender.  So after a few days of playing with my new blende,r I decided to make my soup recipe.  It is a soup recipe  I have used for years but I have never had this smooth.  So if you want a smooth soup to check out this Ace Blender Butternut Squash Soup.  This will make enough for 4-6 people, normally I serve with a nice piece of baked chicken.

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What you need.

1 medium butternut squash
2 carrots, sliced
2 stalks of  celery, sliced
1 large onion, quartered
salt and pepper at least 2 Tsp

3 cloves of garlic 
4 leaves of sage or 2 tsp of sage
4 sprigs of thyme
1 spring of rosemary
splash of red pepper, more if you want more of a kick
2 1/2 cups of veggie broth
(make your own, click here to see recipe)
*if you want a little sweeter add in a sliced apple



How to Make

First, you need to make your squash soft.  Place in the microwave for 4 minutes.
Once you take out of the microwave you will peel the squash, cut in half.
Clean out all of the seeds and then cut into pieces. 
Next, chop up all your other veggies.  I place all mine
onto a cookie sheet.


Now simply place all the solid food into your Ace Blender.
Then add in your herbs and spices and
your veggie broth.  
Now turn your Ace blender onto soup and do 2.
Let it run its course and when it gets to the end
it will get super smooth just like mine.  
I did let mine cool for 5 minutes before 
I take off the Ace Blender base.



Veggie Scrapes for Vegetable Broth


I love cooking for Thanksgiving so after  I was done I had a huge bag of items to the trash.  My husband had his hand over the trash can with them when I said STOP! I could use those to make veggie stock for some soups.   He looked at me and said okay you need to do soon.  So the next day I got up cleaned up my Instant  Pot and came up with this recipe. 

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What you need.

4-5 cups of veggie scraps.
2 bay leaves
salt and pepper
4 cups of water
cheese strainer or mesh strainer


Here are some of my favorite veggies to pick from.
potatoes skins


green beans
pea pods
bell pepper
corn cobs
winter green skins
You will want to stay with produce products that are good.  Not ones you planned on tossing in the garbage can because they are getting old.


How to make

Add in 4 cups of water into your Instant  Pot
Next, add in your bay leaves and some salt and pepper
Lastly, add in your veggie scraps. 
push them all down so they get some water on them. 
Plus it will help them go down once you are cooking them under pressure.


Press your pressure cooker/manual button
and set for 75 minutes.  
once done  you will turn off your pressure cooker
and let naturally release.
About 2-3 hours later  I get my mesh strainer out 
and a big bowl and strain all my veggies and then 
let the broth cool down.
Once completely cooled down you will place in glass jars
or baggies.  You can place in your fridge for 4 days or freeze
and it will be good for place
them 6 months.